How To Use Gamification Across The Customer Journey


It is increasingly difficult to create cut through with your marketing messages with consumers dictating how, when and where to engage with your brand.


In this webinar, Marketing Week’s Manny Pham discusses the challenges marketers face and how they can be solved creatively with Richard Robinson, UK General Manager at Leadfamly, Costcutter's Digital Marketer Matt Christiansen and Hello Fresh’s Growth Marketing Team Lead, Lucas Duperier.

After this webinar, you'll know:

  • The competitive advantage that gamification provides businesses 

  • How brands like Costcutter and Hello Fresh use game mechanics throughout the customer journey 

  • Practical advice on how to use gamification to get, keep, and grow your customers 


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Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson


General Manager UK



matt christiansen

Matt Christiansen


Digital Marketing Manager

Lucas Duperier (1)

Lucas Duperier


Team Lead - Growth Marketing

Hello Fresh