Why Gamification Is Key To Driving Business Results


For many marketers, gamification is not a part of the toolbox. Gamification is gaining momentum as a powerful marketing tactic. Applied right, you will activate a bigger share of your defined target audience and also create long lasting and memorable experiences with your audience — from first hello and far beyond.

In this webinar, Why Gamification Is Key To Driving Business Results, we will walk through how impactful game mechanics and game thinking are, especially for marketers. This webinar will give you a strong starting point to qualify if marketing gamification should be added to your marketing stack.


Leadfamly’s CEO, Martin Bjørn Madsen, will walk you through five core game mechanics and show you how to use marketing gamification to positively impact customer relationships and sales regardless of industry or company size. Leadfamly’s Data Insights Manager, Rasmus Engelbrecht Sørensen, will back this up by revealing data patterns across millions of game plays from hundreds of companies, and together he and Martin will also share a handful of customer game examples.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How game thinking and mechanics influence consumer behavior, and how this can play a role in marketing 

  • The data behind why gamification works and how it can help achieve your brand's business goals

  • How to find out if gamification is relevant to your business challenges and goals 

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