Turning The Physical World Into Digital Experiences


With so many unknowns over the last year and potentially for the next few years, marketers are evolving how they create experiences for their audience.

In this 45-minute webinar, we’re teaming up with Kia Aagaard, Head of Digital Experiences and Campaign Operations from dentsu X to take a look at how the experiences brands offer have evolved to meet their new needs. We’ll also share real-life examples that can inspire you and push your thinking on how a brand can engage its audience.

Your host will be LeadFamly’s Product Specialist, Mads Ejsing; Mads and Kia will weave together stats and anecdotes in a conversation to show the current situation, real-life examples, and the lessons you can take away from other brands. 

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • What it means for businesses that the offline and online have converged
    • How to meet the new needs of clients with digital experiences
    • Why agility is no longer a buzzword, but part of the new normal


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Kia Aagaard


Head of Digital Experiences

dentsu X


Kia works with dentsu X's clients to create digital experiences with a focus on branding, awareness, and activation. 

ejsing ny-1

Mads Ejsing


Product Specialist


Mads is an expert in the LeadFamly platform and helps customers leverage the full potential of gamification for their brand.